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Vacant areas

Illustrated map showing Torsvik at LogPoint

Torsvik is a well-established logistics complex hosting warehousing, logistics and e-commerce enterprises. A number of large Nordic warehouses can be found here alongside very small companies. Torsvik underlines the fact that LogPoint suits all types of companies. The area provides a range of services, including secure parking for heavy goods vehicles, car and lorry washing facilities, fuel, restaurants, a gym and health and fitness activities.

Only a few areas of Torsvik are available for expansion and business establishment. A small number of buildings are available for new tenants. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Illustrated map showing the southern section of Stigamo at LogPoint.

Stigamo is located to the south of Torsvik and spans two municipalities and has two different landowners. Sale of the land in the northern section is handled by LogPoint South Sweden, while the southern part is the responsibility of Vaggeryd Municipality.

Both sites offer large areas, with signage visible from the E4, and smaller development areas located further in. The area as a whole is primarily intended for businesses operating in warehousing, logistics and e-commerce.

The southern section of Stigamo is located in the northen part of Vaggeryd Municipality, in close proximity to the E4 and close to Torsvik and the centre of Jönköping.

Here you will find industrial premises in a span of 20 000 - 200 000 m² divided on 16 different areas. The land is sold on a "first-come-first-served"-basis.

For more information regarding the southern section of Stigamo - please send an e-mail to etablera@vaggeryd.se

Illustrated map showing the northern section of Stigamo at LogPoint.

Almost all of the northen part of Stigamo is under construction or earmarked for new business setups, but get in touch with us if you are interested in the few premises that are still available!

Illustrated map showing Granarp at LogPoint.

Located right beside the south-west part of Torsvik, Granarp is a new addition to the LogPoint family. It also lies nearby the freight railway network. Close proximity to Torsvik enables easy access to services such as car/lorry washing, fuel, restaurants, a gym and health and fitness activities, etc.

During 2020 och 2021, industrial land has been prepared for Nobia, who started the buildning process of its premises during the second half of 2021.

Illustrated map showing Moliden at LogPoint.

Moliden is another future site within LogPoint, with signage highly visible along the E4. The area is suitable for warehousing, logistics and e-commerce companies of various sizes. The area is located near the well-established Torsvik and Stigamo, where large companies and service already exist.

At the moment, there is no buidlable land ready at Moliden.The process of preparing the land for establishment and construction has unfortunately been delayed. Get in touch with us to find out more.