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About LogPoint

We strive to ensure LogPoint South Sweden is an attractive site for new setups, existing companies and those working in the area.

Who we are

The development and marketing of LogPoint South Sweden is currently handled by Södra Munksjön Utveckling ABexternal link, opens in new window (SMUAB), a municipal urban development company based in Jönköping with two main tasks. SMUAB is engaged in urban development in the area south of Lake Munksjön, Jönköping, in addition to industrial and logistics development at LogPoint South Sweden. LogPoint is directly influenced by urban development, with a number of industries currently based at Södra Munksjön in need of new land and LogPoint one of the options available. SMUAB assumed responsibility for the LogPoint South Sweden brand in 2014, when LogPoint AB ceased operations.

Caisa Björndal, SMUAB, is a business developer for LogPoint South Sweden. Get in touch with her if you want to know more about the complex, are considering setting up here or looking to expand an existing business.

What we do

Establishment and expansion

A large part of our daily work involves new development and corporate expansion. A key part of this is making new, attractive areas of land available for sale. With a long-term expansion strategy under way, we are now looking at new development opportunities to match the existing demand.

An effective area and attractive workplace

We are constantly striving to improve the area, not least for those who are already established here. Among other things, this means providing access to public transport, good cycle paths, commuting, functional and secure parking for heavy goods vehicles nearby service areas and sanitation on the site. The LogPoint site also includes restaurants and amenities, while the newly opened Torsvik Center is home to occupational healthcare facilities and a large fitness centre. With the majority of facilities open round the clock, the area is full of life both day and night.

Networking and development

In order to identify further development opportunities at LogPoint we also work a lot with networking, both within the area, through LogPoint Business network, among others, and with the municipality, region, university and other players.

Our partnerships with the university and other educational providers reinforce the companies based at LogPoint and boost the area as a workplace, with popular, substantial training in the field of, for example, Supply Chain Management, logistics, warehousing and administration available in close proximity.

What we want

Our long-term objective is for LogPoint South Sweden to become known as the best logistics complex in the Nordic region.

To achieve this goal we must create conditions for excellent business opportunities, attractive areas of expansion and appealing workplaces.

Contact - Jönköping

Caisa Björndal

Business Developer, LogPoint
+46 (0) 36-10 81 89

Henrik Gustafsson

CEO Södra Munksjön Utvecklings AB
+46 (0) 36-10 57 39

Jenny Lagström

Press- & media contact LogPoint
+46 (0) 36-10 29 85

Contact - Vaggeryd

Tina Blomster

Planning & Development Coordinator, Vaggeryds kommun
+46 (0) 370-67 81 66

Patrik Kinnbom

Business Manager, Vaggeryds Näringslivsråd
+ 46 (0) 370-67 84 28

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