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Business establishment

LogPoint South Sweden is situated on the E4, nearby national highway 40 and just 10 minutes south of Jönköping. It’s easy to reach Sweden’s major cities from here and travel on to the Nordic region and Europe. There are many reasons to set up your business at LogPoint South Sweden.

The best location in the Nordics

LogPoint South Sweden is strategically located among the major cities of Sweden and the Nordic region. The E4 passes straight through the area, and national highway 40 is just minutes away. Freight can also be carried by rail, via tracks running into the complex, as well as via Jönköping Airport, which is around 15 minutes from LogPoint.

The highest levels of service

LogPoint provides companies and their employees with the highest levels of service. Within the complex there are restaurants, a gym, health and fitness activities, secure parking for heavy goods vehicles, cycle paths, filling stations and vehicle maintenance facilities. With many of these facilities open both day and night, LogPoint South Sweden operates round the clock.

Development and expansion

LogPoint has its sights set on the future. The site is constantly growing through the development of new land, enabling establishment of new businesses as well as expansion. LogPoint is seeking new ways of working, new partnerships and new forms of development on a daily basis. Training and research in the field of Supply Chain Management and logistics take place locally, reinforcing the development of the area.

Collaboration and networking

In addition to LogPoint Business Network, the strong corporate group which is already established, a number of more informal networks exist on the site. There is a strong spirit of help and support at LogPoint. Companies large and small collaborate effectively across many fields.

A region with strong growth

The Jönköping region boasts a high influx of people, excellent growth and a good business climate. There is a strong spirit of enterprise and major investment in urban development, trade and industry. Coupled with the low rate of unemployment, this means the area’s growth and corporate climate are among the best in Sweden.

  • "Perfect for the Distribution Center "

    "Since Jönköping is located in the middle of the Nordic region, we can deliver to 80% of its population within 24 h. Our location at LogPoint is perfect for our National Distribution Center!"
    Marie-Louise Gotmark, Head of HR Elgiganten 

  • "Large potential"

    “With its central location in the Nordic region and highly expansive enterprise climate, LogPoint South Sweden has the potential to be one of the foremost logistics sites in the Nordic region.”

    Caisa Björndal, Business Developer LogPoint